Infinity Game Table



Available Late-July / Early-August 2022 

The Tastemakers team that have brought joy to millions of families across the world by bringing affordable Arcade1Up machines straight to their homes are now bring the world the Infinity Game Table.

Each Infinity Game Table features family favourite board games such as Hasbro’s Monopoly™, Scrabble™, Trivial Pursuit™, Chutes and Ladders™, Candy Land™, Yahtzee™, puzzles, card games, colouring books, mini-games, comic books, and many more licensed and indie games to be announced in the near future!

The Arcade1Up 32" Infinity Game Table unit includes a HD Touch Screen, Dynamic Zoom Viewing, WiFi Connectivity, Tactile Feedback and Online Gameplay. 

The online app store ensure everyone in the family has access to their favourite games! Yell Yahtzee, sink Dad's Battleship or simply connect 4!

One Place. Lots of Games. Infinite Fun.

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